Florida Judge Carlos Rebollo issued a preliminary ruling in the ‘Pool Party’ assault case.

Leon Balfour is ordered to home detention until his next court appearance.

The only exceptions are attending school, church, or basketball practice.

Video of Balfour went viral of him lifting Nancy James and ‘body slamming’ her to the ground, coming close to landing on James’ two dogs.

Balfour proceeded to pick James up off of the cement and throw her into the pool.

Nancy James made it clear that she is unhappy with the terms of Balfour’s release.

“It just shouldn’t happen,” James said. “The kid has not evolved yet into what you’re supposed to be as a human being.”

“Yeah, he’s got to go to school. He needs that. He’s only 16. He needs that. Go to church? Ok. Basketball? No. And he’s on a traveling team, so that’s not right,” she said.

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