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Chicago: Students Trash Walmart During Walkout Over Gun Violence

  According to the Chicago Police Department, the destruction took place shortly after students from the Simeon Career Academy were permitted to leave the school for 17 minutes to take part in the nationwide walkout.       Watch HERE:    

Something Ominous Is Happening To Men In America [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson: ‘Men in America’: It’s odd how rarely you hear the problems with American men publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men are fine. But are they? The numbers say otherwise.     Watch Here:   Watch the latest video at    

Meet The Navy SEAL Running For Congress In Texas, Dan Crenshaw

  Meet The One-Eyed, Navy SEAL, Republican Running For Congress In Texas Robert Donachie Capitol Hill and Health Care Reporter Washington, D.C. — Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL veteran who lost his right eye in an IED blast, is looking for a new foray into public service after serving four deployments in the Middle East: politics. Thirty-three-year-old Crenshaw is not your typical, inside-the-beltway candidate, but that isn’t stopping him from throwing his name in open race to fill the vacancy left by outgoing GOP Rep. Ted Poe of Texas.Read More

California: Judge Delivers Huge Win To Christian Bakers Being Forced To ‘Bake The Cake’

  Judge Rules Bakeshop Owner Doesn’t Have To Bake Wedding Cake For Gay Couple Grace Carr Reporter A California judge ruled Monday the state couldn’t force a cake shop owner to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding, ruling that doing so would constitute a violation of free speech. Superior Court Judge David Lampe denied the State of California’s request for a preliminary injunction that sought to force bakeshop owner Cathy Miller to design a wedding cake for a gay couple. “For this court to force such compliance wouldRead More

North Korean Defector Honored By Trump Describes Difference Between Democracy And Communism [VIDEO]

  EXCLUSIVE: North Korean Defector Honored By Trump Describes Difference Between Democracy And Communism Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent 12:52 PM 02/04/2018 North Korea defector Ji Seong-ho, who was honored by President Donald Trump at the State of the Union Tuesday, has a message for anyone considering a communist form of government, he told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview.     Watch Here:     “I cannot find the exact words to describe it. Simply put, it is a horrible thing. Communism is a hell. On the otherRead More