Violence And Intimidation Against Republicans Are Becoming The New Normal – Woman Tries To Run Rep Congressman off the Road

Violence And Intimidation Against Republicans Are Becoming The New Normal Peter Hasson Associate Editor Violence and intimidation against Republicans are quickly becoming the new normal in an increasingly tense political climate. In one of the most recent incidents, police in Tennessee charged a woman with felony reckless endangerment on Thursday for allegedly trying to run Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road after a town hall. The woman, Wendi Wright, was reportedly enraged over Kustoff’s support for the American Health Care Act and screamed at the congressman and his aide,Read More

Justice Dept Ends Obama-Era Ease On Criminals, Reinstates Higher Prison Sentences For Crime

DOJ Reinstates Hard Line Prosecution Guidelines In Memo To US Attorneys Alex Pfeiffer Reporter The Department of Justice rescinded Obama-era prosecution guidelines that restricted the use of mandatory minimum sentencing in a memo sent to U.S. attorneys Thursday night. The memo calls for prosecutors to pursue charges that call for higher prison sentences. Former Attorney General Eric Holder implemented prosecution and sentencing policy that made it so many criminals avoided being charged with minimum mandatory sentences. While criminal justice reform advocates claim that this is beneficial to “low-level offenders,” anRead More

Viral Video Teen Who ‘Body Slammed’ and Threw Elderly Woman into Pool Given Home Detention [VIDEO]

Florida Judge Carlos Rebollo issued a preliminary ruling in the ‘Pool Party’ assault case. Leon Balfour is ordered to home detention until his next court appearance. The only exceptions are attending school, church, or basketball practice. Video of Balfour went viral of him lifting Nancy James and ‘body slamming’ her to the ground, coming close to landing on James’ two dogs. Balfour proceeded to pick James up off of the cement and throw her into the pool. Nancy James made it clear that she is unhappy with the terms ofRead More

African Immigrant Charged with Slitting Two Boston Doctors’ Throats in Penthouse Apartment Murders

Immigrant Charged With Slitting Two Boston Doctors’ Throats Eric Lieberman Tech and Law Reporter A 30-year-old man originally from Africa is being charged with the murder of two Boston doctors who were discovered dead with their throats slit in their penthouse apartment Friday night, according to multiple reports. While responding to a call that an armed man was in an upscale Boston apartment building, police arrived at the scene to find Bampumim Teixeira. Two police officers opened fire at Teixeira because they believe he “either pointed or fired a weaponRead More

Disturbing Video: An elderly woman with her two dogs assaulted in Florida

Very disturbing video out of Florida. An elderly woman with her two dogs were attacked at a pool party in Pompano beach. What is happening in this country? In what direction are headed as a nation when an elderly woman is assaulted this way?

Sessions: Stop Blaming Cops, Start Blaming Thugs And Drug Dealers

EXCLUSIVE: Sessions Says Stop Blaming Cops, Start Blaming Thugs And Drug Dealers Kerry Picket Reporter CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. — Attorney General Jeff Sessions told The Daily Caller Friday law enforcement will get support from his department that some of them aren’t receiving from their own cities. Sessions sat down with TheDC before he addressed lawmakers and law enforcement at the U.S. Court House in Central Islip to discuss the rising violence committed by MS-13 gang members on Long Island. “I think the there’s been a huge surge of support forRead More

New Report: HALF Of All Federal Arrests Are For Immigration-Related Crimes

Pew Report: HALF Of All Federal Arrests Are For Immigration-Related Crimesby Will Racke Federal law enforcement is making a higher share of arrests for immigration crimes than ever before, while the number of drug and firearms arrests continues to fall. A Pew Research Center analysis of data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that 50 percent of the 165,265 total arrests made by the federal government in 2014 were for immigration-related offenses. In 2004, that figure was 28 percent. Drug and firearms arrests, on the other hand, have droppedRead More

Texas Man Arrested For Shooting At Men Trying To Kidnap His Fiance

Texas Man Arrested For Shooting At Perps Trying To Abduct His Fiance by Will Racke A Texas man was surprised to find himself in handcuffs after he thwarted a kidnapping attempt by unleashing a barrage of bullets at the attackers. When Jeremiah Morin, 35, of Spring, Texas, saw two masked kidnappers trying to snatch his fiance in the driveway of their Houston-area home, he drew his pistol and fired several shots at the men, causing them to flee. Montgomery Country sheriff’s officers who responded to the incident arrested Morin, not theRead More

Grandfather of Dead Robber Criticized the Victim for Defending his Home with an AR-15

Family Of Dead Burglar Complains About Homeowner’s Son Using AR-15 by Amber Randall The grandfather of a dead teenage robber criticized an Oklahoma man for using an AR-15 to defend himself against the group of burglars Friday. Leroy Schumacher, the grandfather, said there was no reason his grandson had to die over the attempted robbery, reports KTUL. “What these three boys did was stupid,” Schumacher told KTUL. “They knew they could be punished for it but they did not deserve to die.” Jacob Redfearn, his grandson, and two other teens,Read More

Murder Rates In Four Major Cities Reach Highs Not Seen in More Than 20 Years

Murder Rates In Four Major Cities Reach Highs Not Seen Since The 90s by Justin Caruso Homicide is surging in major cities across the country, with Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Memphis hitting murder rates not seen since the 1990s. “Murders in Chicago last year rose to their highest rate since 1996, with 27.8 homicides for every 100,000 residents, based on police and the latest census data,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Memphis equaled its highest rate last year in a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that goes back to 1985, at 32Read More