Costa Rican president and the Costa Rican government reached deal to allow stranded Cubans into Mexico. Other Central American governments have decided to send the thousands of Cubans north.

The southern boarder of the United States will be bombarded shortly after they reach Mexico. American’s have a right to be concerned with our lack of border security. Immediately upon arrival on U.S. soil, Cubans are given full welfare benefits, food stamps, access to housing and healthcare insurance.

More importantly, the refugees can not be deported once they are here.

In an article written by Miami’s ABC Affiliate, Hatzel Vela writes:

“Thousands of Cuban migrants stuck in Costa Rica may soon be on their way to their final destination.

On Monday evening, the office of the Costa Rican President announced an agreement between Costa Rica and El Salvador in which Cubans would fly from Costa Rica to El Salvador then take buses to Mexico.

The preliminary plan was hashed out at a meeting in Guatemala, where the governments of Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica participated.

Nicaraguan leaders, which arguably caused the crisis by closing its border Nov. 15, was not present at the meeting, according to the Costa Rican government.

Since the crisis started, Costa Rica was forced to open 37 shelters to house nearly 6,000 Cuban migrants, which include men, women and children.

The Guatemalan meeting has ended on a positive note, said Foreign Relations Minister Manuel Gonzalez.

He added that the Costa Rican government hopes this initial agreement can materialize soon.

More details of the process were not provided, because the Costa Rican government cited security issues for the migrants who will making the journey and said some details still have not been hashed out.

Gonzalez emphasized Costa Rica will not take any more Cuban migrants.”

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