A culture war continues in the United States, causing many Americans to fear for the future of their country.

Readers send us their concerns on a regular basis. One particular email came from Susan W. in California. She wrote, “The loudest voices coming from the futures leaders of the U.S. scare me to death. They are filled with communist and socialist thought. Where will the country be in 20 years without younger Americans defending the Constitution and conservative values?”

Luckily for us, the Daily Caller’s Martina Markota is doing just that. Standing up to the totalitarian Leftist agenda.

Martina grew up in the modern anti-conservative America, and has been directly impacted by vicious attacks from the ‘tolerant’ Left.

Her biography states;

“I was fired, blacklisted, publicly disavowed, turned into a pariah, and my home address doxxed by left-wing domestic terrorist group, ANTIFA.”

She is an intelligent, articulate conservative voice for future generations of American Patriots.



Many of our readers were introduced to you when you burst onto the scene as the personality of The Daily Caller videos. Tell us a little bit about your early life and what shaped your political views.

MM: Thank you! That is so great to know people are watching my videos. I not only work in front of the camera, but I work hard on them producing/editing them by myself.

My early life starts in NYC. I was the first-born American in my family. My mother came from Croatia, so I grew up conservative. Going to church, very old world European. I grew up just outside the city in a nice suburban town. I grew up like most Americans, thinking that I knew better than my parent, rebelling against tradition for the most part. But ultimately traditional values were inherent in me, it was the difference between me and my friends as an adult in NYC. I grew up with a single mother and 5 siblings. I raised many of my younger siblings. The youngest one is 12 years younger. I loved to raise the kids, teaching them to read, cooking and cleaning. I also fantasize about being a performer. I always loved dancing and creating shows. In my backyard where i grew up, i have what is still called today, 25 years later, The Nature Stage. I went to NYU to be a math teacher, but left, thought that University was a bad investment, it was getting more and more expensive and less and less valuable. I also thought the educational system would not take kindly to a personality like me as a teacher. I knew that i would be forced to drink hemlock for teaching the kids ways of life.

How are you received amongst your peers as a Performance Artist and Conservative Personality in today’s PC environment?

MM: Not very well. Horribly actually. I was immediately called out during the election as a Trump supporter, labeled a nazi, harassed, publicly disavowed, fired, blacklisted and doxxed. I had to leave the industry and move to another city and state. Before Trump, my traditional comments and perspectives rubbed them the wrong way. You have to understand these aren’t your typical liberal, they are the extreme alt-left, sjw, feminist.

Was it difficult for you to express yourself as an artist in liberal New York?

MM: My art revolved around Alchemy. So no. do you mean express my personality? Yes. You have to think a certain way to be in the NYC arts scene. It is just a fact. Many people, even strangers in the scene, in other cities, in other countries witnessed what was done to me and they expressed fear of getting the same treatment, therefore are quiet.

I didn’t really try to express my political opinion with my art or in the scene. I just don’t apologize for being myself. If an issue came up, I would be true to that issue. That’s where the judgments came.

What is your advice for young conservative Americans who feel pressured into silencing their political views?

MM: I don’t really know…. If I told them to follow my lead, they could potentially lose their friends, jobs, and everything. But if I say to hide, then they win. Find the balance that works for you and your personal industry. Pick and choose your battles. I can’t say I would do anything different, even though things have been rough for me.

There’s no denying that the United States is in a culture war. In your opinion; Is there one main reason for this, or are there a variety of issues happening simultaneously?

MM: There sure is. I believe it’s cultural Marxism. Our culture was infiltrated slowly, through universities, and various institutions. Critical theory, post modernists, 3rd wave feminism. They all have roots in breaking down and being critical of our culture. It is their aim to change it to an unnatural state.

How can we begin unite the divide that has split the country?

MM: Idk…that’s a great question. Most people don’t really want a solution, do they? They want to fight the opposing side. I feel like most of society is so polarized, consuming constant information and click bait…..it’s hard to remember reality. The reality is that it’s not as extreme. We need to take a step back and remember what is important. On the left, they say they care about love and all that, they need to embrace that and stop being so hateful. Show a little love and compassion for Trump supporters, like you preach. On the right, we won, we got Trump. Now let’s do something. Let’s create content, live as we want to live, work on making our personal lives great, and America. Just start living, stop fighting with the left too. I know its fun sometimes, but they are looking more and more pathetic.

What are your thoughts on President Trump’s first year in office?

MM: It’s been rough because the left has made it impossible for Trump or any Republicans to get anything accomplished. Every chance they get to be difficult, they take it. But Trump’s doing a solid job, wasn’t happy with Syria, but i got over it. I am hoping that the next few years we will be able to accomplish things with less resistance. They are literally called “the resistance”, they are self described in being difficult to Trump.

Do see the establishment getting behind the President in year two?

MM: I hope so. We have seen some establishment Republicans side with Democrats. Others have made their peace with Trump winning and see that he’s trying to do well by America. I believe we will see many more supporting him as the years go by.

Finally; What are your thoughts/predictions for the upcoming election in November?

MM: I always say that once someone is elected, it’s easier to stay elected. People like familiarity. I believe if Trump stays on track, sorts out immigration/wall, protect our national security, stay out of wars and globalism, he will get re-elected.

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