WWII veteran Jack Holder, 94, survived Pearl Harbor, but scammed out of $43,000

Jack Holder, a WWII veteran who survived Pearl Harbor and battles over Midway and the English Channel, and his fiancee, Ruth Calabro, lost $43, 000 in a fraud scheme.

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Jack Holder survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and aerial combat over Midway and the English Channel.

The 94-year-old WWII veteran and retired Texas wildcatter walked away from those battles unscathed — and without losing his faith in humanity. Until this year, he said.

That's when the phone rang in his Sun Lakes home and Holder answered to the surprise news that he was a chosen winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. The caller told Holder he had won $4.7 million and a new Mercedes-Benz.

All Holder had to do to claim his prize was supply some personal information and open a bank account where the winnings could be deposited.

Within a week, thieves made off with $43,000 from Holder and his fiancee, nearly wiping out their combined savings.

Thieves convinced Holder he'd won big and then tricked him into emptying his own accounts.They not only ripped off Holder, they got him to lick the proverbial stamp and put his own money in the mail.

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