Sam Sorbo is known as a woman of principle and intellect. Many of us know her as a radio host and actress, but her talents do not stop there.

Aside from hosting her radio show and acting, she is also an author, wife, mother, and home schooling advocate. Sam is the author of a book every parent should read entitled, ‘They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate’.

Above all to us, Sam Sorbo is an American Patriot.

We had the opportunity to hear from Sam herself.







Our Interview with American Patriot Sam Sorbo

The climate in the United States has become increasingly divisive. Instead of uniting Americans, the current leadership seems more interested in tearing us apart. As an American ‘Affirming Feminine Convictions’; What are your thoughts on this matter?

SS: Clearly, it’s ‘divide and conquer.’ It works with eating an elephant, and it works on the American populous. I do find it ridiculous that the Hillary campaign tells us to not to allow Trump to play on our fears – and then completely contradicts themselves by pronouncing that Trump is “dangerous.” So, is he to be feared? Wouldn’t that mean the democrats were playing on our fears – for Trump? That’s just called hypocrisy.

My biggest concern is that we elect our first female president and she does what she did in Haiti – use it to benefit herself and her family (and brother) without any concern for the residents there. Or what she did with the uranium deal – approving the sale of 20% to a country she insists is our enemy, after she gave them a “reset button” which basically gave them carte blanche to waltz through Eastern Europe. Or what she did in Libya, which was entirely her baby. Now look at Libya. What a mess. She will set back the women’s movement by centuries.

The upcoming election will have major implications for the United States. What do you feel are three major problems that need to be resolved?

SS: While every election has greater implications, this one is important simply because it’s our first opportunity to rework some things. We need to define what America is, why it is, and where we want it to be. I know, these are very broad topics, but there is no point in “solving problems” if we don’t know why we are working so hard. Right now, America is having such difficulty defining itself because we refuse to recognize an enemy that has defined us for themselves, and because so many of us have been educated by the State, to believe in the State. We don’t know who we are because the State has given us one version of things (falsely) but all evidence points to a completely different conclusion. The State’s version is that we are tragically flawed, and only by sacrificing ourselves for the global vision of tyrants can we succeed. This is the bastard child of political correctness and the leftist-progressive movement. The correct version is that we are incredibly blessed by God, and that we must rid ourselves of the element that would destroy us by convincing us otherwise.

In your mind, is there one issue more crucial than the rest?

SS: First and foremost would be national security, but it implies, economic security, jobs, and cleansing our government. That includes lifting the incredibly burdensome regulations and losing the Department of Education, as well as many other things.

How would you correct the problem?

SS: Elect someone who is not of the establishment and has no ties to establishment practices and policies. If Trump does what he purports to believe in, we stand a pretty good chance of turning this around. He single-handedly destroyed political correctness (in a fashion) which has sent the left MSM into a shocked, helpless frenzy. All they can do is shout “white uneducated males!” at anything Trump. They ignore the blacks, Hispanics, women, everyone else who support Trump. They are the true racist/dividers in these streets.

It seems as though every television program or video blog has its version of ‘Watter’s World’ or Jimmy Kimmel Live’s street quiz. The vast majority of answers given make us cringe. To what would you attribute this to? Our education system in disarray, failed leadership or simply ignorance?

SS: It is ignorance as a result of the State-run education bureaucracy! What do you expect, the State to train the children to understand that we have a government created “of the People, by the People and for the People?” NO! It’s not in their interests! They will teach your child slavery to the State – that furthers their agenda. Remember when we were taught that the media needed to be unbiased? Ha! Those days are gone, gone, gone! So admit this, then. There is bias everywhere, including in our education. The question is, whose bias?

For instance, there was the Supreme Court decision to remove teaching the Bible in our schools. What replaced it? Some people might ignorantly insist, “Nothing!” but they’d be dead wrong. The teaching that replaced it was, first, evolution, or survival of the fittest. Next came sex ed – unthinkable in a morally principled society. Then came the global warming teaching that humans are thankless destroyers. Now we have hedonism masquerading as education. It’s absurd, but by using what I call the salami tactic, slice by slice, this is what they teach, including abortion. Not the truth about abortion, mind you, but the lies that perpetuate it. And if a young child who intrinsically knows better might object, well, it’s just survival of the fittest, dear.

What child abuse, to teach our own children (or allow it) that they are fully expendable: destructive, worthless pieces of garbage.

Your new book, ‘They’re YOUR Kids: An inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate’ directly tackles the issue of education. What can parents take away from reading it?

SS: The top three biggest misconceptions about homeschooling:

  1. It’s hard
  2. I can’t do it – I lack the education to home school my kids.
  3. My kids will be nerdy social pariahs!

they're your kids sam sorboI hope parents take away a positive attitude about home education and the idea that they can preserve, nurture and strengthen the familial bonds that are so often destroyed by our public institution. How often do you hear parents complaining about their teenagers? It’s not normal – it’s just normal is kids who attend public school outside the home.

Often, usually even before an interview, the person will often say, “I find it remarkable what you do, but I could never do it.” I’m here to empower parents! By the way, I usually end up convincing them to take a second look – even to give home school a try!

One last note: One parent confided in me that her daughter was begging her to home school. She refused. I get it – it does seem daunting. But consider the take-away that the daughter is inadvertently left with: 1. Mommy doesn’t love me enough (I’m not important enough), or 2. Mommy’s too stupid to teach me (6th grade, in this case.) What else can she surmise? Frankly, I’m not sure which one is more devastating…

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