Trump Is President, And Now The Left Justifies Political Violence

by Scott Greer

Women around the world put on their pussy hats and marched around this weekend to tell Donald Trump to keep his tiny hands away from their genitalia.

The non-violent Women’s March drew in hundreds of thousands of participants in America alone and hyped as a major world-historical event by the press, in spite of its lack of a coherent message excpet for “we hate Trump.” Many saw it as a sign of the coming age of progressive activism that will ultimately bring down Trump.

However, other left-wing demonstrations may prove to be better indicators of what’s to come in Trump’s America than the pink hat ladies walking around with ridiculous signs. That’s the prospect of left-wing political violence becoming both common and morally justified in the United States.

During Trump’s inauguration Friday, anarchists ran wild in downtown D.C., smashing store front windows and setting trashcans and a limo on fire. These actions were roundly condemned by several liberals and most of the Left was in agreement that the destruction was not to be tolerated. But there was one violent act of the black bloc anarchists liberals were ecstatic over White nationalist and alt-right coiner Richard Spencer was giving a TV interview right near the chaos unfolding in D.C. on Friday. Right in the middle of it, an anarchist punched him in the face, and the the video of it became a viral sensation.

The respectable Left couldn’t get enough of it.

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What do you call these so called “protests”. Violent Riots or Domestic Terrorism?