TV and Radio personality Ileana Garcia has had enough of the propaganda against Trump.

We had the opportunity to interview her, and here is what she had to say.


The Hispanics for Trump movement has caught fire. Is there one thing in particular that sets Trump apart from the other candidates, or are there a multitude of factors?

Ileana: There is a multitude of factors. Other than the Wall, Illegal Immigration and Washington Politics and over spending and TRADE. People are waking up to how crooked the system has become due to elitism. This Obama administration put people to sleep, more than half the country working part time and the divisiveness I think created an environment of apathy. Trump has woken people up again. Also people have also seen that the Media was a sleeping giant that can be just as bad as government. People have hope again that things will be GREAT AGAIN!

Liberal media has dismissed any pro Trump support from Hispanic Americans. What would you say to those who disregard your opinion?

Ileana: I have watched EXPERTS for months now try to KNOCK DOWN Trump. He is never gonna make it, he’s xenofobic, anti this, everything you can possibly think of add to that he took out 16 other establishment candidates and he is still standing. HISPANIC AMERICANS are not STUPID! Liberal Media has pretty much shot themselves in the foot with their coverage he has grown like a weed and thanks to him they have RATINGS. They don’t have to work to hard, all they do is HATE MEDIA yet they want to call themselves JOURNALISTS! I see more and more people everyday switching over to TRUMP mostly Democrats and Independents. I am an Independent who registered Republican just for Trump, but will remain Independent after he is elected. As you can see people are tired of extremes and the so called ELITE.

Some in the media claim that the Hispanic voter is a ‘one issue’ voter, immigration. What are your major concerns in our country right now?

Ileana: Not at all. My concern in particular is not only immigration and illegals, but values, government spending, regulation, presidential over reach, bad government programs. The school systems are falling apart, kids don’t want to go to school, HEALTH CARE is OUT OF HAND and should not be obligated so that I later have to maintain UNEMPLOYED or ILLEGALS that don’t give back to the system. One must be worthy and vest in this country. The wall should not be a concern except for security purposes against the HATERZ. If your gonna do the right thing the Wall is not an obstacle. When someone wants to debate that I say. Ok open the doors and windows of your house and let anyone come in to eat, sleep and give them access to your checking account. How do you like that? Not having a wall and not controlling those that break the law and rewarding them is the same thing. I think those that have been illegal should have a path to becoming legal.

Do you sense an unspoken force attempting to divide Americans along racial and gender lines?

Ileana: Definitely! This administration has been nothing but divisive. Lets spend money and take care of the SYRIAN REFUGEES and let everyone in, but lets abandon the veterans, soldiers and everything else that is AMERICA. 5. In your view, what can be done to unite Americans in the current political climate?

Rather than looking at Ethnicity and Gender we must look at the GOALS ahead like Jobs, Schools, Economy, Health Care, Security and Good Old Fashion Values. How did it become a crime to say Merry Christmas, but have people proposing SHARIA LAW. Makes no sense??? There is no RESPECT, there is just CENSORSHIP under this Administration. Lol! They want to make TRUMP look like a womanizing gangster and when you do a rewind of the Clinton Scandals its like Bonnie and Clyde. I think you will see people come together to put forth common goals to make America Great Again. People are looking forward to it. Hispanic Americans like myself are MOVERS not MOOCHERS!!

What would you tell Hispanic Americans who hate Trump based only on rumors or what they have seen propagated by the progressive left?

Ileana: I laugh and offer them Q-TIPS for their ears. Ask them what he said and ask them to google it or find it on youtube. I ask them? Are you a rapist or a drug dealer? So why are you offended? Mexico has the toughest immigration laws on the planet and a wall between Guatemala and Mexico for protection. Why should we be different? Why do you think so many people leave Mexico and come here rather than vice versa? What are they running from and why should we allow people to do what they didn’t like others to do in the country they left behind. Basically I make them think a little, because in the end WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES HE SEES NO WISE MAN CAN REASON ANYWAY – Doobie Brothers hahahaha!


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