Turning Point USA’s Winter in West Palm took place December 19th – 21st at the Holiday Inn Palm Beach-Conference Center ballroom. The room was brimming with young patriots, whose energy and enthusiasm was contagious.

Young Americans took the opportunity to discuss shared values with fellow college students from across the nation. These ideals include fiscal responsibility, free market and limited government. As signs and banners displayed massages such as ‘Big Government Sucks’ and ‘There’s no substitute for hard work’.

Students discussed a variety of topics throughout the event, with Turning Point USA’s emphasis on “non-partisan debate, dialogue, and discussion, Turning Point USA believes that every young person can be enlightened to true free market values.”

The incredible event lineup of speakers included: Bill Whittle, Elisha Krauss, James O’Keefe, Joe Walsh, Steve Moore and many more.

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In addition to learning from the presenters, the attendees had the chance to challenge themselves in training exercises with topics such as; Your Legal Rights on Campus, Organizing for Action, The Campus Conservative Comeback and Transforming Campus Speech Codes.

Winter in West Palm was organized as a opportunity for young activists from colleges across the country to come together in a grassroots effort to “Empower young activists to get involved in the fight for free markets and limited government”. Turning Point USA is responsible for the creation of networks on every college campus in America.

Turning Point USA was founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk with the mission to “identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.”

According to several students who attended the first annual Winter in West Palm, it was an amazing experience which they look forward to returning to next year.

To get involved and for more information about Turning Point USA visit http://www.turningpointusa.net