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13 year old Trump Supporter Destroys Hillary Clinton at Trump Rally in Arizona

Listen to this young Trump supporter, WOW! 13 year old Faith Graham didn’t hold back when she unloaded on Hillary Clinton and the democratic party at a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Keep an eye on her in the future. She has ‘HUGE’ goals in politics. #WeWillTrumpClintonNov8th

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is tired of the Liberal Media’s attacks on Donald Trump

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean Defends Donald Trump from Liberal Media and Alicia Machado Attacks.”I am so tired of the nonsense and the attacks against him, they are so desperate.” Carrie Prejean. The debate on Sunday will no doubt include questions attacking Donald Trump and fabricating a fraudulent war on women. #WeWillTrumpClintonNov8th

The Importance of Young Conservative Leadership in the U.S.

Turning Point USA at ECU’s President Caroline CraigThe United States of America finds itself at a crucial point in its history. The freedom and liberties our forefathers fought for are crumbling around us. What does the future hold? The answer lies in the hands of young Americans who will steering this ship through the turbulent waters ahead. We had the opportunity to interview a future leader of America, Caroline Craig. Caroline is currently attending East Carolina University, where she is the Turning Point USA chapter President. She is also aRead More