Susan Rice Made Dozens of Requests for Intelligence On Trump Associates

UNMASKED: Susan Rice Requested Intelligence On Trump Associates by Chuck Ross Susan Rice, the national security advisor for President Obama, made dozens of requests seeking to unmask the identities of Donald Trump associates identified in raw intelligence reports. Rice’s involvement in the request to unmask the Trump officials was discovered by White House lawyers last month, Bloomberg View’s Eli Lake reported on Monday. Michael Cernovich, the pro-Trump publisher of Cernovich Media, first identified Rice in a report on Sunday night. According to Lake’s sources, Rice’s requests to unmask Trump advisersRead More

VIDEO: Left-Wing Activists Plotting To Use Butyric Acid At Trump Inauguration Event

Video Shows Left-Wing Activists Plotting To Use Butyric Acid At Trump Event by Chuck Ross Video released on Monday by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas purports to show a group of left wing activists plotting to use butyric acid stink bombs to disrupt a pro-Donald Trump inauguration event. The edited video shows three members of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition discussing releasing stink bombs in the HVAC system of the National Press Club, where a pro-Trump event dubbed Deploraball will be held on Thursday. The coalition is part of a networkRead More

Trump: NATO ‘Obsolete’, Merkel’s Immigration Policy ‘Catastrophic Mistake’

Trump Again Calls NATO ‘Obsolete,’ Slams Merkel’s Immigration Policy As A ‘Catastrophic Mistake’ by  Jacob Bojesson President-elect Donald Trump said NATO members need to pay their fair share, called German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders a “catastrophic mistake,” and hailed Brexit as a success in an interview with The Sunday Times and German tabloid Bild. Several U.S. allies have been worried about the future of NATO since Trump’s election victory in November. Trump called the alliance “obsolete” during his campaign, which he explained has to do with a failure toRead More

“Not Even Reportable” Tom Brokaw, Mika Brezinksi attack CNN, Buzzfeed on Trump and Russia story

Morning Joe Attacks CNN, Buzzfeed Report On Trump And Russia: ‘There’s No Story Here’ by  Katie Frates Tom Brokaw and Mika Brezinksi slammed CNN and Buzzfeed for publishing an opposition memo alleging Russia has been helping President-elect Donald Trump for years, saying it’s “not even reportable” on “Morning Joe” Wednesday. CNN first published a heavily hedged report Tuesday, in which they did not reveal the entire memo. Buzzfeed quickly followed up by posting the memo in full under the headline, “These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia.” Buzzfeed notes at the topRead More

Trump on Media’s Hack Coverage: ‘More Dishonest Than Anyone Knows’

Trump Questions Why Dems Weren’t Able To Stop Hack, Says Media ‘More Dishonest Than Anyone Knows’ by Alex Pfeiffer  President-elect Donald Trump questioned Wednesday why the Democratic National Committee wasn’t able to stop hacking efforts, and said that the “dishonest” media is looking out for Democrats. The series of tweets from Trump come a day after he tweeted his doubt in the government’s assessment that Russia was behind a hacking effort to undermine the election. “The ‘Intelligence’ briefing on so-called ‘Russian hacking’ was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time neededRead More