Adam Schiff Wanted Dirt On Trump From Ukraine – Turns Out He Got Pranked By Russian Comedians

  Pranksters Fooled Adam Schiff With Offer Of Donald Trump Kompromot [VIDEO] Chuck Ross Reporter The top Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence fell for a prank phone call in which two Russian comedians claimed to have compromising information on President Donald Trump, including recordings of discussions about naked photos. The lawmaker, California Rep. Adam Schiff, also had members of his staff follow up to obtain the dirt on Trump, The Daily Mail reports. The two comedians, known as Vocan and Lexus, called Schiff in April pretendingRead More

Democrat Adam Schiff’s Last Ditch Attempt To Prevent The Release Of Nunes Memo

  Schiff Claims House Intel Republicans ‘Secretly Altered’ Spy Memo Chuck Ross Reporter California Rep. Adam Schiff claimed Wednesday that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee altered a controversial surveillance memo after the panel voted earlier this week to release the document to the public. In a letter to California Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the committee, Schiff claimed that Democrats discovered on Wednesday that the classified four-page memo had been “secretly altered” prior to being sent to the White House for review. “After reviewing both versions, it isRead More