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Sessions Fed Up With Sanctuary Cities: DOJ Threatens Legal Action Against 23 Potential Sanctuary Jurisdictions

  DOJ Threatens Legal Action Against 23 Potential Sanctuary Jurisdictions Will Racke Immigration and Foreign Policy Reporter The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Wednesday that it will subpoena up to 23 jurisdictions if they don’t offer proof they are complying with a key federal immigration law. In letters to major cities, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, the DOJ requested documents relating to how their policies fall in line with 8 USC 1373, a section of federal law that prohibits jurisdictions from enacting laws that restrict communication between localRead More

San Francisco Human Defecation Map Causes Many To Refer To The Sanctuary City As A Literal ‘S***hole’

  San Francisco Is A Literal S***hole, Public Defecation Map Reveals Benny Johnson Reporter At Large There is an ongoing debate currently going on in the country about what locations can be classified as shitholes. The debate sprung from a report that Donald Trump referred to some third world countries as “shitholes” in a meeting with lawmakers last week. While the debate might rage on as to what constitutes a “shithole” of a country, one thing is not up for debate: the American city of San Francisco is a shithole.Read More

California Is Now Officially A Sanctuary State

  California Is Officially A Sanctuary State Will Racke Immigration and Foreign Policy Reporter A sweeping immigration law took effect Monday in California, officially making it the country’s largest sanctuary state. The controversial law, SB54, passed the state legislature in September and was signed into law by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown the following month. It prevents police in California, which has by far the nation’s largest illegal immigrant population, from asking people about their immigration status or participating in most federal immigration enforcement actions. A response to the Trump administration’sRead More

Sarah Sanders: ‘Criminal Illegal Immigrants Like Him, Should Never Be Allowed To Threaten Our Citizens’

What is going on in the Bay Area? The stunning decision by a San Francisco jury found Jose Garcia Zarate not guilty. Zarate, who had been deported five times, admitted to pulling the trigger that killed Kat Steinle. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders shared her thoughts with a personal statement. Yesterday’s verdict in San Francisco underscores the danger to public safety when our Nation fails to enforce its laws. Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant and convicted felon who had been deported from the United States fiveRead More

San Francisco To Pay Illegal Alien $190K To Settle Sanctuary City Lawsuit

  San Francisco To Pay Illegal $190K Because He Was Reported, Detained David Krayden Sanctuary cities may also be settlement cities for illegals. To settle a lawsuit, San Franciso is set to pay $190,000 to an illegal immigrant who says his “undocumented” status was reported to ICE officers — contrary to the protection that sanctuary cities offer to illegals. CBS affiliate KPIX 5 reports that the settlement is pending but is expected to be officially announced in the near future. The city is just fine with that. According to JohnRead More