Flynn Victim of ‘Hit Job’ by Former Obama Intelligence Operatives

EXCLUSIVE: How The Nation’s Spooks Played The Game ‘Kill Mike Flynn’by Richard Pollock National Security Advisor Gen. Michael T. Flynn (ret.) — who resigned Monday — was the victim of a “hit job” launched by intelligence operatives, Obama government holdovers and former Obama national security officials, according to former intelligence officials who spoke with The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. The talk within the tight-knit community of retired intelligence officers was that Flynn’s sacking was a result of intelligence insiders at the CIA, NSA and National Security Council using aRead More

Supreme Court Overrules 80 Percent of 9th Circuit Rulings, ‘9th Circus’

9th Circuit Has 80 Percent Reversal Rate At Supreme Court by  Peter Hasson The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — which ruled Thursday against reinstating President Trump’s travel ban affecting seven terror-prone countries — has an unusually high reversal rate before the U.S. Supreme Court. Eight of out of 10 cases from the 9th Circuit reviewed by the Supreme Court are overruled, according to a 2010 analysis published by the American Bar Association. The 9th Circuit, which is known for its liberal tendencies, has the second-highest reversal rate of the 13 appellateRead More

Sessions Confirmations Show Trump Will Steamroll Democrats On SCOTUS

Sessions Hearings Show Democrats Ill-Equipped To Stop Trumpby  Kevin Daley This week’s confirmation hearings for Sen. Jeff Sessions portend trouble for Democrats promising to mount an effective resistance to the Trump administration. Senate Democrats have adopted a fairly hostile posture to the full range of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees. They promised to subject each candidate to the “Garland treatment,” hoping to turn the appointments process into a slog engulfing the early months of Trump’s presidency. If any nomination was to be stymied, even scuttled, Sessions’ was the most vulnerable. A failedRead More

Romney: Trump supporters promote racist, misogynist and dangerous views

Listen to Romney’s words.President-elect Trump’s supporters have a legitimate argument on why they do not support Romney as Secretary of State. Romney refused to support Trump during the election; calling the views of Trump and his supporters racist, misogynist and dangerous to America. The #NeverRomney crowd has a valid point in our view. How can he be trusted? What are your thoughts?

“We cannot allow a liar, crook, and a thief [Hillary Clinton] to be president!”

What has the Clinton Foundation done for the world, other than enriching their own pockets?”I used to believe America was the greatest country in the world, but there is no more justice anymore… The American justice is crooked!” Haitians have been victimized by this “charitable” organization. They are asking for the American people to stand up against the Clinton corruption. #WeWillTrumpClintonNov8th Watch and Share

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is tired of the Liberal Media’s attacks on Donald Trump

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean Defends Donald Trump from Liberal Media and Alicia Machado Attacks.”I am so tired of the nonsense and the attacks against him, they are so desperate.” Carrie Prejean. The debate on Sunday will no doubt include questions attacking Donald Trump and fabricating a fraudulent war on women. #WeWillTrumpClintonNov8th

Hillary Clinton faints and collapses at 9/11 Memorial

Clinton campaign blames multiple ailments for incidentA myriad of excuses are coming from the Clinton campaign as to why she collapsed. Americans know the truth. She is unfit to be president on so may levels.

Proof the Media Polls are Rigged; 50,000 Registered Voters polled in 50 States

The Arizona Freedom Alliance proves Main Stream Media Polls are Rigged!Many Americans are fed up with the biased polling data. What are the facts? What are we supposed to believe? One thousand voters were polled in all 50 states. The results are polar opposite of the Liberal Media’s polling data. The Silent Majority is rumbling. Arizona Freedom Alliance We’ve been telling you the difference between a media poll and an internal poll.  Media polls are driven by the desire to achieve a certain outcome.  That is why you think HillaryRead More

Hillary Clinton, ‘We are going to raise taxes on the MIDDLE CLASS!’

A multitude of polling demonstrates America's struggle to trust Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton finally tells the truth at a campaign rally. “We are going to raise taxes on the MIDDLE CLASS!” Apparently Democrats at the event love the idea, the crowd cheers in agreement. Watch the video and see for yourself. It really is unbelievable. Clinton Campaign Rally

Rep. Paul Ryan sells-out Americans: Sanctuary Cities, Executive Amnesty, Refugee and Resettlement

‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ It didn’t take Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) long to go against the will of  the American people. Ryan’s appropriations bill funds; Obama’s 2012 executive amnesty “DREAMers” for illegal immigrants, Sanctuary City federal grants, federal benefits for the thousands of Syrian refugees and illegal alien resettlement to name a few. Yet the bill fails to fund the border fence to protect the American people. The bill continues to fund and provide an easy path for Middle Eastern Immigration foreign VISAS. Includes the same VISAS which jihadists, likeRead More