Tulsa Cop Forced To Flee Courthouse After Not Guilty Verdict [VIDEO]

Tulsa Cop Flees Courthouse After Being Declared Not Guilty In Shooting [VIDEO] Amber Randall Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby fled from the courthouse after a jury declared her not guilty in the fatal shooting of a black man Wednesday night. Video from after the verdict reveals Shelby and her legal team running to a parked car outside of the courthouse. A jury, made up of three black people and nine white people, cleared Shelby of first degree manslaughter charges. Shelby fatally shot Terence Crutcher, a black man, after she cameRead More

Black Lives Matter Supporter Charged With Terrorist Threat: ‘Kill All White Cops’

‘F Them Racist A** Cops!!! Kill Them ALL’: Black Lives Matter Supporter Charged With Terrorist Threats To Appear In Courtby Justin Caruso A Detroit man is scheduled to appear in court over threats he allegedly posted on Facebook last year. The suspect, Nheru Gowan Littleton, put anti-white, anti-police messages on his Facebook page, and is now facing charges of making a terroristic threat and using a computer to commit a crime, The Detroit News reports. On July 9, 2016, Littleton allegedly wrote on Facebook, “F them racist a** cops!!! Kill them ALL. Black LivesRead More

Murder Rates In Four Major Cities Reach Highs Not Seen in More Than 20 Years

Murder Rates In Four Major Cities Reach Highs Not Seen Since The 90s by Justin Caruso Homicide is surging in major cities across the country, with Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Memphis hitting murder rates not seen since the 1990s. “Murders in Chicago last year rose to their highest rate since 1996, with 27.8 homicides for every 100,000 residents, based on police and the latest census data,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Memphis equaled its highest rate last year in a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that goes back to 1985, at 32Read More

‘Law and Order’ President Trump Targets Violent Crime During Third Week in Office

Trump Moves To Fulfill Campaign Promise Of ‘Law And Order’ His Third Week In Office by Alex Pfeiffer President Donald Trump signed executive orders designed to fight crime and oversaw the swearing in of Jeff Sessions as attorney general in his third week in office. These actions, along with meeting with law enforcement leaders, were intended to fulfill his campaign promise of “law and order.” In President Obama’s last year in office, there was a bipartisan initiative to reduce sentencing for drug criminals. This effort, much like people’s hope for aRead More

New Poll Finds 93% Of Officers Fear For Their Safety While On The Job

Poll: 93% Of Officers Fear For Their Safety While On The Jobby  Amber Randall Most police officers believe their job has become more dangerous in light of recent fatal encounters between cops and black people, a poll reveals. A Pew Research poll released Wednesday surveyed 8,000 male and female officers across the country to get their opinions on policing, the recent protests against officers and their thoughts on using force against civilians. Eighty-six percent of officers surveyed said the recent high-profile encounters between police and black people have made theirRead More

More than 60 Police Officers killed this year, 20 in ambush attacks

Law Enforcement was under attack in 2016.Many in the media fanned the flame by promoting false narratives. The ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ lie was spread as a truth. Some talking heads on a certain (CNN) channel raised their hands in the air, LIVE on air. More than 60 law enforcement officers fatally shot this year, 20 in ambushes, report finds Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comMore than 60 law enforcement officers have died in firearms-related incidents in 2016, marking a 68 percent increase since 2015, the National Law Enforcement OfficersRead More

BREAKING: Man with meat cleaver attacks police in Midtown Manhattan

NYPD police officers were attacked by man using a meat cleaver as a weapon.Two policemen were injured before the assailant was shot and killed near Penn Station in New York City. Police stated, “Two officers were injured. They are both stable, and being treated at Bellevue Hospital.” Knife-wielding man attacked police in Midtown Manhattan Knife Attack in Manhattan Leaves Suspect Shot Dead by Police

California Firefighters Told To Take Down Pro-Police Flag From Fire Truck

MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA.com) — Firefighters in Riverside County were ordered to take down a pro-law enforcement flag from one of their engines following the killing of several police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, according to reports. CAL FIRE and Riverside County Fire Department firefighter Eric Hille posted a photo of the flag – which resembles a black and white version of the American flag with a blue stripe through the center – on July 17 to “(h)onor those officers that have payed the ultimate sacrifice protecting their communities.” ButRead More

We Challenge you to #ISupportOurHeroesinBlue!

Show your Support, let Law Enforcement know they are not Alone!We are challenging you to Support our Heroes in Blue!Record a cell phone video and share it proudly for our brave men and women of law enforcement!Tag and Challenge your friends who support Law Enforcement Officers.    Accept the Challenge and use your Cell Phone to Film your Video to Support our Brave Officers! Script: (Your first name) I Bleed Red, White and Blue and I support our Heroes in Blue! I stand with you. ‪#‎ISupportOurHeroesinBlue‬ Follow and Tag the Video onRead More