Patriot Alert: Marine Veteran Becomes First Double-Amputee Cop!

Marine Veteran Conquers Odds, Becomes First Double-Amputee Copby Jonah Bennett National Security/Politics Reporter Against all odds, Marine Corps veteran Matias Ferreira graduated from Suffolk County Police Department Academy in New York on Friday to become the first active-duty, double-amputee cop in the country. Ferreira, a 28-year-old who deployed to Afghanistan and lost both of his legs in 2011 after stepping on an improvised explosive device (IED), graduated after 29 weeks at the academy and has now become a legend, NBC New York reports. The Suffolk County Police Department believes FerreiraRead More

Chicago Teacher Fired for Telling Student to Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

Chicago teacher: “I told him I stand to honor the sacrifice and bravery of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”A 15-year-old sophomore at Eisenhower High School in Chicago complained to his mother that he would not be able to drive with driving instructor Vince Ziebart if he continued to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance. The student’s mother contacted Eisenhower High School, claiming Ziebarth was infringing on her son’s First Amendment rights. Ziebart expressed his thoughts to the Chicago Tribune stating, “I told him I stand toRead More

VIDEO: Patriot FedEx Driver Saves Old Glory from Flag Burning ‘Protest’

MUST WATCH: FedEx Driver Saves An American Flag Protesters Try To Burnby Katie Frates A FedEx driver rescued an American flag people were trying to burn in protest of President Donald Trump The protesters had gathered at Ped Mall in Iowa City, Iowa. The FedEx employee swooped in just as the protesters threw the flag on the fire. He scooped it up and used a fire extinguisher to keep protesters at bay when they tried to rip it out of his hands. “This shit is not how you unite aRead More

Oklahoma VA: Maggots found in patient’s wound while still alive

The horrendous treatment of a Vietnam Veteran.TALIHINA, Okla. – Owen Reese Peterson, a 73-year-old Vietnam Veteran, passed away on October 3rd from complications of sepsis. According to multiple sources, maggots were found growing in Peterson’s wound while he was still alive. According to Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs executive director Myles Deering; The maggots were indeed found while Mr. Peterson was alive at the facility, but the maggots did not cause his death.   Associated Press reporting: A physician’s assistant and three nurses, including the director of nursing, resigned afterRead More

Bishop Wellington Boone to Black Lives Matter, ‘Stop blaming Police!’

Stop blaming Police!”[In the inner city] I am in far more danger from my of race than of an white policeman,” Bishop Wellington Boone. And stop with the Fake News narrative mainstream ‘media’. They were the ones who perpetuated the myth of ‘hands up don’t shoot’, even after it was proven to be completely false. Thank you Bishop. We are coming together as a nation to Make America Great Again!

“I don’t want to hear anything about black lives matter, because all lives matter.”

Tacoma Police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. RIP to our fallen Hero in Blue.A proud American is fed up with the liberal rhetoric and tells the media the truth. Thank you. We are all Americans! It’s not about color, it’s about law abiding citizens and criminals. “I don’t want to hear anything about black lives matter, because all lives matter.” “I want to say the Tacoma Police Department handled this matter with such professionalism… despite one of their own being shot,” she said.

Veteran had enough of the disrespect towards the Nation Anthem

Proud Veteran Teddy Badami is fed up with the disrespect towards our Nation Anthem. Before Alabama’s last home game, members of the #BamaSits felt their protest was “disrespected” by a Veteran standing with his hand over his heart and singing The Star Spangled Banner. “I stood there with my hand over my heart and sang the national anthem loud and proud. I made no comments to any of the individuals other than I stand for the national anthem and that I served our country,” said Veteran Teddy Badami #WeWillTrumpClintonNov8th

Democrats care about the inner city when it’s election time, after election time, what do you get? ZERO!

The MOVEMENT is happening! Don’t listen to the naysayers. The media has an agenda, you won’t see this Patriotic American on every channel. “Democrats care about the inner city when it’s election time, after election time, what do you get? ZERO!” “Our borders are open. We are not safe, we’re not safe! We have to stop thinking as black and white and purple and Arab. We’ve got to start thinking as Americans. And that’s what Donald Trump is saying. We’re Americans. America First!” #WeWillTrumpClintonNov8th

“We cannot allow a liar, crook, and a thief [Hillary Clinton] to be president!”

What has the Clinton Foundation done for the world, other than enriching their own pockets?”I used to believe America was the greatest country in the world, but there is no more justice anymore… The American justice is crooked!” Haitians have been victimized by this “charitable” organization. They are asking for the American people to stand up against the Clinton corruption. #WeWillTrumpClintonNov8th Watch and Share

Sam Sorbo’s Principles will lead us to a Stronger America

Sam Sorbo is known as a woman of principle and intellect. Many of us know her as a radio host and actress, but her talents do not stop there. Aside from hosting her radio show and acting, she is also an author, wife, mother, and home schooling advocate. Sam is the author of a book every parent should read entitled, ‘They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate’. Above all to us, Sam Sorbo is an American Patriot. We had the opportunity to hear from SamRead More