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New Florida Atlantic University Poll: Trump leads Clinton in Florida

The Florida Atlantic University Florida poll conducted Aug. 19-22The poll is very evenly distributed, with an almost a 50/50 split of Democrats and Republicans, consisting of 364 registered Democrats and 327 registered Republican voters. The results must come as a surprise to main street media outlets. Trump garnered 20% of the African-American vote and an astounding 40% of Latinos. Florida Atlantic University Busine ss and Economics Polling Initiative BOCA RATON, Fla. (August 24, 2016)   – Republican nominee Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton in Florida 43 to 41 percent,Read More

Ileana Garcia and Latinas for Trump are ready to Make America Great Again!

TV and Radio personality Ileana Garcia has had enough of the propaganda against Trump. We had the opportunity to interview her, and here is what she had to say. The Hispanics for Trump movement has caught fire. Is there one thing in particular that sets Trump apart from the other candidates, or are there a multitude of factors? Ileana: There is a multitude of factors. Other than the Wall, Illegal Immigration and Washington Politics and over spending and TRADE. People are waking up to how crooked the system has becomeRead More

MSNBC poll – Blacks and Hispanics more supportive of Trump Muslim plan than whites

This poll may come as a shock to Liberals and progressives everywhere. Poll question: Has Donald Trump gone too far with his plan to ban all Muslims? Caucasian – 69% no Hispanic – 89% no African American – 96% no Other – 88% no