US Dropped ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ On ISIS In Afghanistan

US Drops ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ On ISIS In Afghanistan by Saagar Enjeti The U.S. dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on the Islamic State in Afghanistan Thursday, CNN reports.   The mission will mark the first time the bomb has been used in combat. The munition is nicknamed the “mother of all bombs” (MOAB) and weighs approximately 20,000 pounds. The bomb is approximately 30ft long and detonates 6ft off the ground to increase its destructive power, and its official name is the a GBU-43 or or Massive Ordnance Air Blast.Read More

FBI: Fort Lauderdale Airport Terrorist Attacked for ISIS

FBI Confirms Fort Lauderdale Shooter Carried Out Attack For ISISby  Saagar Enjeti  Fort Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago told FBI agents he carried out his Jan. 7 deadly shooting in the name of the Islamic State, CNN reports. Santiago killed five and wounded six in a shooting rampage in the baggage claim area of Fort Lauderdale airport. Santiago reportedly checked his gun in his bag, loaded it in the bathroom, and randomly executed his fellow passengers. The FBI revealed Santiago’s confession at his bond hearing Tuesday. Santiago appeared to harbor delusionsRead More