New York Times Issues Correction Of 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ Claim

  NYT Corrects Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ On Russia Holmes Lybrand Fact Check Editor at The Daily Caller News Foundation The New York Times issued a correction Thursday on an article that incorrectly claimed all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that “Russia orchestrated the attacks, and did it to help get [Trump] elected.” The original article, published June 25, covered certain reactions that President Donald Trump gave in response to Russian cyber attacks and interactions with the 2016 presidential election. The NYT’s correction notes that: “The assessment wasRead More

President Trump Proven Right Again: U.S. House Intel Confirms U.S. Spies Intercepted Trump Team

Rep. Nunes: U.S. House Intelligence confirms U.S. spies intercepted Trump team communications, “On numerous occasions”                     “Journalists” should be ashamed. What happened to chasing down the truth?  

Under Armour CEO Caves to Liberal Attacks, Publicly Opposes Trump Travel Ban

Kevin Plank , Founder, Chairman and CEO of Under Armour pens an open letter. In the letter, Plank addressed the city of Baltimore, where Under Armour is headquartered. After a relentless attack from the left, including the brands top sponsored athletes, Plank opposes the Trump administration’s travel ban. Where do you stand on Under Armour’s decision to oppose the travel ban to protect Americans? AN OPEN LETTER FROM Kevin Plank , Founder, Chairman and CEO of Under Armour Baltimore, In a business television interview last week, I answered a question withRead More

Seventy-Two Convicted Terrorists HAVE Come From Travel-Ban Countries

Study Proves Judges Wrong — 72 Convicted Terrorists Have Come From Travel-Ban Countries by Peter Hasson At least 72 convicted terrorists since 9/11 have come from the seven countries affected by the Trump administration’s travel ban, according to a new study by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which reviewed information compiled by a Senate subcommittee in 2016. “A review of information compiled by a Senate committee in 2016 reveals that 72 individuals from the seven countries covered in President Trump’s vetting executive order have been convicted in terror cases sinceRead More

President Trump: ‘I Can’t Believe’ We Have to Fight in the Courts for National Security [VIDEO]

Democrats are putting the safety of the country at risk. “I can’t believe that we’re fighting in court to protect the security of our nation.” President Trump Why are Democrats playing politics with lives of American Citizens? Trump forced to fight for National Security