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Trump Supporting Black Pastor Says He Was Kicked Out Of A Gym And Banned For Life

  Black Pastor Says He Was Kicked Out Of A Fancy Gym And Banned For Life For Supporting Trump Eric Owens Education Editor A posh Los Angeles fitness center kicked a black pastor out and banned him for life because, the pastor says, a white employee overheard him expressing support for President Donald Trump. The employee allegedly charged at the pastor, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, in a physically threatening manner — coming within inches of his face — and yelled “You support Donald Trump!” Peterson, 68, is now asking forRead More

The Trump Video CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC Refused to Air

  First 100 Days: The Truth Mainstream Media Refuses To Tell The mainstream media lies. Don’t let fake news dominate the truth. President Trump promised to Make America Great Again and he is fulfilling his promise to you.In his first 100 days, he has made a prosperous, safer, stronger America.       The Truth The Mainstream Media Is Hiding Unleashing the Power of American Energy Restoring Balance to the Supreme Court Securing Our Border Strengthening Our Military Proposing Tax Reform for Economic Growth and Jobs Working to End RecklessRead More

Former US Attorney: Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce ‘Detailed Spreadsheets’ About Trump

Former US Attorney: Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce ‘Detailed Spreadsheets’ Involving Trump by Richard Pollock Update: In response to a question Tuesday from NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell,  former Obama White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice denied that she “prepared” spreadsheets of surveilled telephone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides. The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group, however, reported that Rice “ordered” the spreadsheets to be produced. In addition, former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova, one of TheDCNF’s sources, said Tuesday in response to Rice that her denial “wouldRead More

President Trump: ‘I Can’t Believe’ We Have to Fight in the Courts for National Security [VIDEO]

Democrats are putting the safety of the country at risk. “I can’t believe that we’re fighting in court to protect the security of our nation.” President Trump Why are Democrats playing politics with lives of American Citizens?Trump forced to fight for National Security

More Concocted ‘Fake News’ Outrage by Media Proven False

Yet Another Media Meltdown Turns Out To Be Totally Wrong by Ryan Pickrell News that President Donald Trump was easing sanctions against Russia was refuted almost immediately, like so many other stories. The Department of the Treasury said Thursday that it would allow U.S. companies to make limited transactions with the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s intelligence agency. Possibly eager to establish a connection between the new U.S. president and Russia, numerous media outlets and journalists were quick to claim that Trump was easing, and even lifting, sanctions against Russia. “I haven’tRead More

President Trump Threatens To Cut UC Berkeley Federal Funding After Violent Protest

Trump Threatens To Cut Federal Funding For UC Berkeley After Night Of Violence by Ted Goodman President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal funding for the University of California, Berkeley after the campus erupted into fiery violence before a planned speech by conservative figure Milo Yiannopoulos Wednesday evening. If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS? The president’s tweet comes after a night of violent protests on the campus forced Yiannopoulos to cancel a book tourRead More

Illegals Rush the Southern Border Before Trump’s Inauguration, ‘It’s now or never’

Illegals Pour Across Border Before Trump’s Inaugurationby Alex Pfeiffer Illegal immigrants are racing against the clock and crossing America’s southern border before President-elect Donald Trump takes office Friday. One Honduran immigrant hoping to cross the border told Agence France Presse, “When I saw that man on the television saying how he hated migrants and was going to build a wall, I thought: ‘It’s now or never.’” The immigrant added, “So we all spent Christmas and New Year traveling to try to get here in time. We want to beat himRead More

Trump Could Immediately Sign 200 Executive Orders [VIDEO]

Trump To Immediately Sign As Many As 200 Executive Orders [VIDEO]by Michael Bastasch President-elect Donald Trump will sign as many as 200 executive orders targeting a wide range of Obama administration policies, according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano. Napolitano told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum Wednesday night that, based on his conversations with the president-elect, Trump could sign hundreds of regulations on his third full day in office. The judge did not say what policies were being targeted by the incoming administration. Trump has hinted he would, forRead More

No Surprise; CNN and ABC Caught Fudging The Numbers To Tank Trump’s Favorability

Fake Polls? How CNN And ABC Are Fudging The Numbers To Tank Trump’s Favorabilityby  Christian Datoc Two polls released Tuesday — one from ABC and a second from CNN — tout Donald Trump as being the most unfavorable incoming president in modern history — yet on second look, the data is clearly boosted by the pollers’ decision to oversample Democrats. According to Gallup, 28 percent of Americans identify themselves as a Republican, while 25 percent identify as a Democrat. Despite this information, eight more percent of participants in both the ABC and CNN pollsRead More

You are Fake News! Trump blasts CNN during First Press Conference

Journalism as we knew it, is dead.President-elect Trump blasts CNN reporter during First Press Conference. “You are Fake News!” The story they ran with last night may very well be an end, to any shred of credibility.