MUST WATCH: ‘Last Man Standing’ scene hilariously mocks PC, Liberal Agenda

Is there any wonder why Trump won? Anyone with children will tell you; Our education system is indoctrinating the American youth with Leftist, PC propaganda. This scene between a father and daughter is all too familiar for most parents. Political Correctness is now censoring free (as well as common sense) speech. Are they seriously telling us that we can’t say ladies and gentlemen? In the words of news anchor Howard Beale in the 1975 film classic ‘Network’, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  Read More

Cry babies: Straight talk from Air Force veteran to anti-trump rioters

Veteran tells it like it is. Air Force veteran Thaddeus Alexander has some strong words for the rioters/protesters. “When people look at the flag and say that’s not my flag, Donald Trump is not my President. Then you know what, then obviously, this ain’t your damn country!”

The Importance of Young Conservative Leadership in the U.S.

Turning Point USA at ECU’s President Caroline Craig The United States of America finds itself at a crucial point in its history. The freedom and liberties our forefathers fought for are crumbling around us. What does the future hold? The answer lies in the hands of young Americans who will steering this ship through the turbulent waters ahead. We had the opportunity to interview a future leader of America, Caroline Craig. Caroline is currently attending East Carolina University, where she is the Turning Point USA chapter President. She is alsoRead More