President Trump kicks CNN’s Acosta out of the Oval Office for to asking a ridiculous, race-baiting question

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Main Stream Media Exposed Spreading Democratic Conspiracy Theory About Trump [VIDEO]

  How The Media Mainstreamed A Democratic Conspiracy Theory Peter Hasson Associate Editor Establishment media outlets including CNN and MSNBC have helped mainstream a conspiracy theory claiming President Donald Trump is mentally ill. At the center of the conspiracy theory is Yale psychiatry professor Bandy Lee, who for over a year has claimed that Trump is mentally impaired and unfit to serve, pointing at his tweets as evidence. During Trump’s presidential campaign, Lee flouted industry norms against publicly diagnosing a patient without his consent or an in-person examination. She justifiedRead More

CNN Reporter Caught Spreading Fake News About The Trump-Russia Dossier [VIDEO]

  CNN Reporter Falsely Claims Republicans Funded Trump-Russia Dossier [VIDEO] Peter Hasson Associate Editor CNN justice correspondent Evan Perez falsely told his network’s viewers on Tuesday that anti-Trump Republicans first funded the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, much of which remains unverified. Perez was responding to a tweet from President Donald Trump, who called the dossier a “pile of garbage.” Perez has close ties to the cofounders of Fusion GPS, the firm behind the dossier, which CNN failed to disclose. (RELATED: CNN’s Undisclosed Ties To Fusion GPS) “Look, the fact is thatRead More

Another CNN ‘Bombshell’ Collapses, Forced To Correct Sessions-Russia Collusion Narrative

  CNN Walks Back Jeff Sessions-Russia Bombshell Amber Athey Media Reporter CNN has quietly walked back more of their “bombshell” reporting on the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, and this time it’s a story relating to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ security clearance forms. In May, CNN reported that Sessions had failed to disclose meetings he had with the Russian ambassador when he was a senator. Justice Department officials told CNN that Sessions had not listed those meetings on a security clearance form, even though the form says to list “any contact” withRead More

CNN Commits Another Colossal Mistake, Misreporting Details of Don Jr. and Wikileaks [VIDEO]

    CNN Botches Major ‘Bombshell’ Alleging Contacts Between Don Jr. And WikiLeaks Chuck Ross Reporter CNN misreported key details of an offer made to Donald Trump Jr. last year of a batch of stolen Wikileaks documents. The story, which CNN published on Friday and covered extensively on TV, was touted as the first evidence that the Trump campaign was given a heads-up about documents stolen from Democrats.     But the story appears to have been riddled with errors, while also lacking key context. Perhaps the most jarring errorRead More

Sarah Sanders’ Response Is Perfect – CNN ‘Boycotts’ White House Christmas Party

White house Press Secretary is the voice of President Trump, and she is quickly becoming a voice of the American people. CNN put out a statement regarding the White House Christmas party. It reads: “CNN will not be attending this year’s White House Christmas party. In light of the President’s continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN, we do not feel it is appropriate to celebrate with him as his invited guests. We will send a White House reporting team to the event and report on it ifRead More

CNN Reporter Tweets Sexual Harassment Claims Are Draining ‘Talent From Media/Entertainment’

  CNN Reporter EATEN ALIVE After Tweeting That It’s ‘Worth Taking Stock’ Of Accused Men’s Talents Justin Caruso Media Reporter CNN senior reporter Dylan Byers sent an ill-advised tweet Tuesday night, and left-wing Twitter users ate him alive for it. Byers wrote:   The archive link for the tweet is here. Twitter users, many of them liberals, were not happy with what Byers had said. Even a fellow CNN colleague joined in the criticism:   Byers’ tweet seems to have united blue-check mark liberal journalists against him on this one.Read More

CNN Panel Loses It When Conservative Guest Brings Up Bill Clinton, Immediately Defend Hillary’s Victim Shaming [VIDEO]

  CNN Panel Goes OFF THE RAILS After Guest Mentions What Hillary Did To Bill’s Accusers [VIDEO] Justin Caruso Media Reporter A CNN panel went off the rails Friday after a conservative guest brought up Hillary Clinton having “victim shamed” Bill Clinton’s accusers. On “CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin,” the subject of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct and marital affairs came up. Referring to Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct, conservative guest Carrie Sheffield noted that, “it was case after case after case, and Hillary Clinton, she victim shamed. You want toRead More

Tucker Reveals CNN Instructed Hosts To Discredit Donna Brazile To Cover For Clinton [VIDEO]

  Tucker Reveals CNN Told Hosts To Discredit Donna Brazile To Cover For Clinton [VIDEO] Justin Caruso Media Reporter Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported Monday that according to sources, CNN had reporters discredit former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile over her revelations that made Hillary Clinton look bad. WATCH: Carlson said, “According to highly informed sources we spoke to–highly informed–top management at CNN directed its employees to undermine Brazile’s credibility. Anchors and producers were vocally offended by her attacks on their friends, the Clintons. If you’ve been watching that channel,Read More

Panel Of Trump Supporters Stun CNN Host When Asked About Charlottesville [VIDEO]

  CNN Panel Of Trump Supporters Unbothered By Charlottesville Comments [VIDEO] Amber Athey Media Reporter CNN’s latest panel of Trump supporters said they were entirely unbothered by Trump’s comments about the violent protests in Charlottesville. Trump’s insistence that “both sides” were responsible for violence in Charlottesville upset a lot of the country, including some Republicans in Congress. However, the comments clearly resonated with his base. CNN’s Tuesday morning panel brought together six Trump supporters, three men and three women. “How many of you were troubled by the president’s response toRead More