Surge of African and Haitian Migrants Seek To Enter U.S. Through Mexico

Deported Illegal Immigrants Now Getting Welfare In Mexicoby Alex Pfeiffer More than 50 Mexicans deported from the U.S. have received welfare so far this year, a Mexican official announced Wednesday. El Universal reported that the 53 immigrants have been receiving the benefits from Mexico City. Amalia Garcia, secretary of labor and labor promotion, told El Universal that the beneficiaries have all been men. Garcia added that 134 people are returning weekly in flights to Mexico City, and that — regardless if they are from the capital or not — they areRead More

‘Day Without Immigrants’ demonstration resulted in ‘Immigrants Without Jobs’

#DayWithoutImmigrants Leads To #ImmigrantsWithoutJobs by Jim Treacher I believe that everybody has the right to peacefully protest anything or anyone they want. Even if it’s something really stupid, like protesting the enforcement of immigration laws because “people aren’t illegal.” You have the right to do that, no matter how wrongheaded it is. I also believe that employers have the right to fire people who skip work without permission. So the following item is fine by me. Avalon Zoppo, NBC News: More than 100 protesters across the country were fired fromRead More

Trump Signs Executive Orders to Stop Violence Against Police and ‘Brake the Back of Criminal Cartels’

Trump Signs Executive Orders Designed To ‘Break The Back’ Of The Cartels And Protect Policeby  Alex Pfeiffer President Donald Trump said Thursday that the swearing-in of Attorney General Jeff Sessions “marks a new era of justice.” The president then signed three executive orders aimed at reducing crime and protecting law enforcement. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the nation has a “crime problem” which is not an aberration or a “blip.” “My best judgement is that this is a dangerous permanent trend that puts the health and safety of the AmericanRead More

3,947 lbs of Marijuana Disguised as Limes Seized at Southern Border

Border Officers In Texas Discover 2 Tons Of Weed Disguised As Limesby Jason Chulack You may not want to use these “limes” in your margarita. At first, nothing seemed suspicious about a truckload of limes entering the United States from from Mexico, but upon further inspection U.S. Customs and Border Protection discovered that they weren’t limes at all. Image: Courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection CBP officers seized 3,947 pounds of marijuana disguised as limes in Pharr, Texas on Jan. 30, according to a statement released on Tuesday. The seizureRead More