Refuse Fascism’ Organizer Tells Tucker, Trump Is ‘Operating Out Of Hitler’s Playbook’ [VIDEO]

by Christian Datoc
Political activist Sunsara Taylor told Tucker Carlson Tuesday night that, “in the name of humanity, [the] 7 billion people on this planet need to pour into the streets” and protest President Trump.
“Look, we’re facing an emergency,” the “Refuse Fascism” organizer told The Daily Caller founder. “Humanity is facing an emergency. A fascist regime has seized the reins of power in one of the strongest — no the sole super power in the world. Trump and Pence are operating out of Hitler’s playbook, only they have nuclear weapons.”

“While it’s beautiful, it’s righteous that millions of people have stood up to protest,” she continued. “By the way since I know sometimes he watches, President Trump if you’re watching, way more people have protested than were at your Nazi inauguration.”
“The resistance needs to grow,” Taylor stressed. “People need to know that this is a fascist regime and drop the hammer and close down — it’s working to close down the space for people to stand up and resist.”
“In the name of humanity, 7 billion people on this planet need to pour into the streets and say, ‘no. We refuse to accept this fascist America. We refuse to accept this for the world, and we must drive them out.’ We need to stay in the streets.”
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