Fact vs. fiction on federal monuments

President Trump visited Salt Lake City, Utah, to announce two major proclamations modifying the boundaries of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments.

As usual, there’s plenty of misinformation making the rounds. Here are a few quick facts to correct the record:

* Myth: No president has ever shrunk a monument. Fact: Monuments have been shrunk at least 18 times—by presidents on both sides of the aisle.
* Myth: This move will sell or close national parks. Fact: No national parks are under review, and the Administration adamantly opposes wholesale transfer of any public lands.
* Myth: The review was done behind closed doors. Fact: Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke personally held more than 60 meetings with local stakeholders, including numerous tribal groups.

The media is exactly right on one point, though: This is a significant decision by the President worth reading about in full.