PLAINFIELD, Ind. — A Plainfield police officer is on administrative leave after complaints were filed for her comments during training.

WISHTV I-Team 8 used Indiana’s public access laws to retain video of the Plainfield Police Department’s transgender awareness training that occurred in November.

After a question during the training, Capt. Carri Weber says he doesn’t understand because of “white male privilege.”

(The video shows a female police officer conducting the training, but does not show Weber.)

Watch Here:


* MAN’S VOICE: My wife has never been part of police violence, most people that I know have never accused the police of violence.
* WEBER: That’s because of white male privilege.
* MAN’S VOICE: So I guess I don’t get where that statistic comes from.
* WEBER: Because your white male privilege, so you wouldn’t know.
* MAN’S VOICE: I’m sorry?
* WEBER: Because of your white male privilege.
* MAN’S VOICE: Wow, I’m done with this training.