The political correctness police strike again. A ROTC student at a North Texas High School received in-school suspension for wearing a patriotic t-shirt underneath a grey sweatshirt.

The high school administrator asked Jaegur to lift his sweatshirt, revealing the American flag underneath. The administrator immediately sent Jaegur to in-school suspension.

According to a Washington Times report:

“He wants to go into the military,” Shelly Goode told a local Fox affiliate. “He wants to help people, and any bad marks doesn’t look good.”

On Monday, an administrator asked Jaegur to lift his grey hoodie, and once he saw the flag underneath sent him to in-school suspension for violating the dress code, Ms. Goode said.

It is against the rules at Seagoville High School to wear clothing that is not a solid color, excluding school and college logos or shirts supporting the military, Fox reported. The administrator had apparently misinterpreted that rule.

“If [Jaegur] was breaking the rules, he would be punished and he would have to honor whatever they give him, but he wasn’t, and I have to stand by him for that,” Ms. Goode said.

On Tuesday, she received a call from the principal, who apologized for all the trouble and insisted that the American flag is allowed to be worn in school. He said he was off-campus when the incident occurred, Fox reported.

“The fact that acknowledging it is huge, and the fact that they’re willing to stand by and see mistakes and grow from them, that means a lot,” Ms. Goode said.

The principal also explained to her that the in-school suspension will not go on her son’s disciplinary record.

The Dallas Independent School District has also confirmed that American flags can be displayed on clothing, Fox reported.

Should the American flag be banned in any school at any time? We do not believe so. Let us know what you think below.