We are now seeing the formation and deployment of large integrated ground, Air Force and missile defense forces in Russia’s western regions

Russia’s Defense Ministry is reinforcing the 20th combined army in the Western Military District. As a source at the General Staff told TASS, the army being reformatted will be complemented with more units and troops from other military districts.

“The General Staff and the Western Military District’s command have been working tightly on determining and specifying the personnel and hardware of the 20th combined army,” the source said. “In particular, questions are being decided of complementing the army with units from other military districts and forming more mechanized infantry, armour, artillery, missile, reconnaissance and other brigades,” he said.

“The amount of work to be accomplished is vast, indeed,” he said, adding that the 20th army should be recreated anew by December 1. “The army’s command center is based on the premises of the former 1st command of the Air Force and Air Defense (the current 6th Air Force and Air Defense Army) before it was moved to St. Petersburg.”

Earlier, a source at the General Staff told TASS that the current 20th army would in fact be formed anew, because most of its units were being transferred to a newly-created 1st tank army. As at the end of July the 20th army incorporated the 9th tank brigade from Nizhny Novgorod.

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