Where is Hillary Clinton?

Image credit abcnews.go.com

Image credit abcnews.go.com

Pundits are debating the merits of this story, but American voters should take note. Benghazi, missing emails, top-secret information, server stored in the bathroom of a small loft apartment, conflicts of interest in the middle east, unexplained donations into the Clinton Foundation… The list goes on and on.

According to Forbes:

“Since Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001, they have earned more than $230 million. But in federal filings the Clintons claim they are worth somewhere between $11 million and $53 million. After layering years of disclosures on top of annual tax returns, Forbes estimates their combined net worth at $45 million. Where did all of the money go? No one seems to know, and the Clintons aren’t offering any answers.”

Questions surround Clinton.

Is Hillary fit to be the Democratic nominee? Can she be trusted? Will the FBI proceed with an indictment?

How serious can she be if she can’t handle being on stage during a nationally televised debate?

The answer we are guaranteed to get is; What will the American public ultimately decide?

Under the circumstances, this is as good a time as any to watch Clint Eastwood.