Illegal Immigrant Sorry He Only Killed Two Cops: ‘I Wish I Killed More Of Those Motherf*ckers’ [VIDEO]

Henry Rodgers
Political Reporter

An illegal immigrant charged with murdering two California sheriff’s deputies in 2014 began trial Tuesday by interrupting the court room with a horrific rant.

Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes, 37, laughed as a prosecutor described the events that led to the death of Sacramento sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver outside a Sacramento motel. As Bracamontes smiled he called Oliver’s partner a “coward” for getting away from the continued gunshots, The Sacramento Bee first reported.

“I wish I had killed more of the motherf**kers,” Bracamontes told the jury. “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me … There’s no need for a f**cking trial.”


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That rant caused Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White to ask the jury to leave the courtroom so he could warn Bracamontes that he would be removed if he continued to disrupt the trial.

“You will not disrupt this trial, you will not speak out,” White told him. “If you do, you will be removed from the courtroom.”

Bracamontes defense attorneys used his rant in court as a talking point, saying he is mentally unfit and can not stand on trial. White denied the motion.

Bracamontes faces the death penalty if found guilty. Bracamontes has reportedly entered the United States illegally multiple times.
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