The United States Department of Justice has issued a warning to all law enforcement officials across the country.

Gangs have announced their intentions to target local law enforcement and going as far as calling for the murder of federal agents in Chicago.

The gang, United Blood Nation, is rewarding attacks on officers by promising to ‘promote’ the gang member status of the criminal responsible.

This new threat reinforces the need for law and order. Reports: ABC News law enforcement contributor, Steve Gomez, said this is the worst situation he has witnessed since the riots and violence of the early 1990s.


He said, “If the movement to target and assassinate cops expands past lone wolves – as we have thus far seen in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and other cities, and mobilizes violent gang members nationwide – the effect would be overwhelming.”

In light of recent events, many police departments across the country are now increasing security both at the headquarters and in the field.

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