Legendary actor Clint Eastwood sat down with Mario Lopez at his first annual fall fundraiser for the “Eastwood Ranch Foundation” which is run by his daughter Alison. Eastwood was asked about the current crop of GOP candidates, to which he said it’s too early to make a selection.

Eastwood agrees with a large number of Republican voters who have yet to select a candidate to back. One thing is certain, voters are looking for someone to stop the current administration’s liberal progressive agenda and “Make America Great Again”.

Clint feels the American people need a leader. In his words, “I think people are looking for someone who is outspoken and isn’t afraid.”

In regard to Trump, Eastwood says, “He seems to have kind of a fearless attitude, he’s great.” Clint also likes Ben Carson’s common sense approach and unafraid demeanor. He also has good things to say about Rubio and Cruz.

Overall Eastwood states, “Any one of them would be better than what we’ve got.”

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood as he celebrated the first annual fall fundraiser for the “Eastwood Ranch Foundation”

Have you locked in your vote for a candidate? Or are you still undecided?

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