Can Mueller Subpoena The President?

Derek Hunter

Can an employee of the executive branch of government subpoena the person who is ultimately his boss? This is a question we may soon face as news leaks out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller floated the idea of issuing a subpoena in an attempt to force President Donald Trump to testify in the Russian collusion investigation.

It seems unlikely, considering the Constitution provides only one remedy — impeachment — for holding the president accountable, and nothing reported has come close to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor. But what could be done short of that Supreme Court showdown?

A deal could be cut to have the president answer an agreed-upon number of questions in writing, which would eliminate a lot of the perjury traps, a la Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby, and prevent the inquiry to straying into other, unrelated areas. Will this be the path they choose, or are we headed to a Constitutional crisis?



Millennials, it turns out, are favoring Republicans in shocking numbers compared to the way the liberal media portrays them. Why? Because the economy under President Trump is significantly better than it was under Barack Obama. People tend to vote their wallets, and the ability to have a job under Trump, an ability that wasn’t there under Obama, is not lost on young people. And that ability tends to make a lasting impression on people, who generally retain party loyalty to the party in charge when they experience good economic times after they enter the workforce. This is part of the reason Democrats want to lower the voting age to 16 and grant amnesty and eventual citizenship/voting rights to illegal aliens — they’re having difficulty attracting voters, so they want to create new voters.

Cultural appropriation stupidity continues because liberal stupidity is as close to a perpetual motion machine human beings have created. A girl wears a dress to prom and the left loses their minds. Are we really ready to go down the road of only being able to use/like things created by people of your ethnicity and race? We talk about what that would mean, and it ain’t pretty.

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