Brent Musburger Rips ‘Snowflakes’ Over NFL Hits And Cheerleaders

David Hookstead

Famed commentator Brent Musburger had a tweet for the ages late Tuesday night regarding the recent criticism of the hits in football.

The violence in football has been under a spotlight since the Monday night game between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. There were plenty of shots that were probably over the top, but Musburger isn’t having any of the complaining.

He tweeted, “Yo,Snowflakes. Quit preaching. The Violent World of Sam Huff sold NFL football to the masses. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders gave us a little sex with our violence. Deal with it!”

This is such an old man tweet that I love it. It’s almost like some dude’s random grandpa had a few tricks and stole some kids iPhone so that he could just go on a nice rant.

People are out here worried about violent hits and CTE. Musburger seems to be concerned the game isn’t violent enough, and we should return to the really old days. I like Musburger, but I think the brutal head injuries of the past should probably stay in the 1950s.

I also enjoy the fact he had to bring up cheerleaders. Not at all relevant to anything he’s saying. He just wants everybody to know that he’s a big fan of cheerleaders. That’s something I think we can all agree with.
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