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On April 13, a socialist student organization called the “Million Student March” will be holding a massive demonstration on 115 different college campuses. Among other things, the group is fighting for a $15 minimum wage and free college tuition.

Echoing the sentiment of the “Million Student March,” an organization calling themselves, “Socialist Alternative” has been encouraging its members to join the Million Student March demonstrations on their college campuses.

The Socialist Alternative website is strewn with black and red lettering, conjuring up images of victorious socialist revolutions from the pages of history. On the top of the page, a man stands with his fist in the air, refusing to be oppressed any longer. The entire site is set to the background of black and white images of passionate protesters, holding up signs written in Portuguese and diligently waving flags for their cause.

The images were taken from a 2013 protest known as the “Brazilian Spring.” After enormous amounts of Brazilian tax dollars were spent on the 2013 World Cup, other public goods and services had their budgets slashed, thus raising the price to consumers. The images in the pictures specifically show protestors belonging to the “Free Fare Movement,” a group of young Brazilians calling for free public transportation.

This seems like a cause many young socialists in America can get behind. However, in the last three years, young Brazilians have begun to change their tune.

Currently, massive protests and demonstrations are occurring all over Brazil. Young people carry their country’s flag and chant, “basta,” or, “enough.” The Latin American economy is struggling to regain stability after years of socialist policies and big government corruption have plunged the continent into the worst recession it has ever seen.

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