The turmoil and division within the United States leaves some conservatives fearful for the future of America.

The nation founded on a Judeo-Christian Philosophy has taken a sharp turn away from traditional conservative values, to a more left leaning progressive ideology.

This ideology is being pushed by an ‘elite’ media that seems to operate according to a partisan agenda, than fact based reporting. Also by an educational system whose institutions are demonizing traditional American beliefs.

However, there is an uprising within the millennial generation. They are fighting back against the progressive liberal ideology.

A powerful voice among them is Allie Stuckey ‘The Conservative Millennial’, and we had the opportunity to interview with her.



Allie Stuckey Interview

How were your conservative beliefs forged?

Allie: I was raised in a traditional, conservative, Christian home. My parents successfully pursued the American Dream: they started with nothing, and through incredibly hard work and determination, they created a life for my brothers and me that they never had — a life of opportunity. In so doing, they passed that love for the American Dream onto me, constantly assuring me throughout my childhood that I can, and should, do anything I set my mind to. I don’t remember ever questioning that I would be able to achieve the goals I set for myself; I knew that if I worked hard enough, if I persisted through rejection, setbacks and hardship, I’d get there. I’m grateful for the patriotism, determination and fiercely independent spirit my parents fostered in me.

Unfortunately, that kind of ambition is threatened every day by those in government, in Hollywood and in the media who’d rather trade success, entrepreneurism and capitalism in exchange for collectivist, big government policies. The Left want to steal liberty by hindering our First & Second amendment rights, through hefty taxation and by perpetuating the tyranny of political correctness. My vlog exists to show millennials the duplicitous hypocrisy of modern-day liberalism and highlight the truth and benefits of conservatism.

Being a conservative millennial definitely seems to place you in the minority among your generation. What are the most important issues to you as an American?

Allie: There are many issues that concern me: free speech, freedom of religious expression, the right to bear arms, the current onslaught of destructive feminism, the tyranny of political correctness, to name a few. But the issue about which I am most passionate is the grotesque acceptance – and even glorification – of abortion. I am adamantly pro-life and am deeply disturbed by the hollow arguments put forth by Leftists who unscientifically insist that an unborn child is a “clump of cells” without rights. Abortion is genocide. As such, the issue boils down to a moral question, not a political one. That question is: are you okay with killing a human life, or are you not? If you’re not, then you should reconsider your stance on abortion. If you are, you should reconsider your stance on morality. I hope to help more millennials understand that.

Have you found it possible to have productive debates with millennials of the left?

Allie: Sometimes I receive comments or messages on my blog from liberal millennials who bring up legitimate counterpoints to my arguments. I try my best to get to all of them and address their arguments thoughtfully and kindly. Most liberal millennials, however, in my experience, seem all too quick to judge conservatives as bigoted, racist, etc. That kind of pre-supposed condemnation leaves no room for intelligent dialogue.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the nation since the Presidential election?

Allie: Polarized. It seems like most people on both sides are unwilling to concede on anything. You are either pro-Trump or anti-Trump. There are very few willing to be pro-America — open to criticizing Trump when he comes up short, but also ready to praise him when he does well. I’d like to see us unite under the premise of truth and principle rather than tying our entire identity to a single person or political party.

Unfortunately we have become the divided, United States of America. How would you begin to unite the country?

Allie: Reminding conservatives, first, of the tenets of conservatism and of American liberty — that’s what we need to be fighting for. Then inviting the Left to the table to discuss the terms of perpetuating that liberty. We are all bound to disagree, but if we can at least all concede that we want to be people of truth, of principle and of freedom, there is space to discuss the tangible aspects of what that kind of society looks like. Utopian? Probably. But I’m working toward – and hoping for – the best.

A common concern of our readers is the lack of respect towards law enforcement, and authority figures in general. As a millennial; What do you think is the cause of this and how might we begin to correct the issue?

Allie: Millennials have been conditioned to question the intentions and integrity of those in power. Unfortunately, instead of seeing the incredible work police officers do to protect us, they only see the media-portrayed violence and alleged militarization of law enforcement, and they feel the urge to push back on this perceived systemic injustice. We must continue to highlight (through social media, for example) the good police officers are doing in communities and underscore the important role they play in perpetuating our safety.

The legacy media has lost power and influence to social media and other prominent online platforms. What medium do you use regularly to obtain factual information?
I try to dig through multiple online sources to get the whole story.

Do you believe we are headed in the right direction as a country?

Allie:Culturally and socially, no. Liberals still control the language and the mindset of up & coming generations. Politically, we have the potential to, but Republicans on the Hill are going to need to try a little more fiercely to steer the ship in the right direction. This is difficult against the strong, opposing winds of the Dems.


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