Saturday, January 27th, 2018


Ann Coulter And Tucker Dissect The Media’s ‘Phony Polls’ On Immigration [VIDEO]

  Ann Coulter And Tucker Dissect The ‘Phony Polls’ On Immigration [VIDEO] Justin Caruso Media Reporter Conservative author Ann Coulter appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday to slam the “phony polls” used by the media to claim immigration is popular among the general public. WATCH: “There’s a deeper question about democracy here,” Tucker said. “So, if the public has been clear in poll after poll about what it wants and what it doesn’t want on the question of immigration, and it went to the trouble of electing DonaldRead More

Here Is Why The Women’s March Is Actually Awful For Women

  Here Is Why The Women’s March Is AWFUL For Women Rachel Tripp Freelance writer Standing on the steps of Lincoln Memorial this past Saturday, I found myself surrounded by pink-clad protesters armed with every kind of sign and symbol imaginable. Promoting issues like LGBTQ rights, DACA and the Dreamers, pro-choice, environmental regulation, gun control, and the impeachment of President Trump, I was left uncertain as to what this group of thousands was intending to put forth as their primary message. My uncertainty as to the goals of this movementRead More