Friday, January 12th, 2018


Mike Rowe Destroys Woman Who Wants Him Fired For Being ‘Anti-Education, Science Doubting, Ultra-Right Wing Conservative’

  Mike Rowe Destroys Woman Who Wants Him Fired For Being ‘Ultra-Right Wing Conservative’ Derek Hunter Contributor TV host Mike Rowe is known for his measured, devastating take-downs of people who attack him or his work. He has perfected the art of subtly twisting the knife in the side of critics with calm, cool language. This skill was on display Thursday when Rowe responded to a woman criticized his politics on Facebook. Rowe narrates the show “How The Universe Works” on the Science Channel. The woman, Rebecca Bright, called RoweRead More

Tucker Shuts Down Race Baiter ‘You and the MORONS at MSNBC!’ [VIDEO]

  Tucker Carlson Asks ‘Why The Outrage?’ On Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comments Nick Givas Media Reporter Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended President Donald Trump’s Thursday comments about immigrants coming to America from “shithole” countries, and said the media’s visceral outrage over the story was preposterous. Carlson was speaking with Jose Parra, the Latin communications director for former President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and said he had visited Haiti and doesn’t understand why people were offend by Trump’s accurate characterization. “The idea that you are not allowed to say that they’reRead More