Friday, January 5th, 2018


Main Stream Media Exposed Spreading Democratic Conspiracy Theory About Trump [VIDEO]

  How The Media Mainstreamed A Democratic Conspiracy Theory Peter Hasson Associate Editor Establishment media outlets including CNN and MSNBC have helped mainstream a conspiracy theory claiming President Donald Trump is mentally ill. At the center of the conspiracy theory is Yale psychiatry professor Bandy Lee, who for over a year has claimed that Trump is mentally impaired and unfit to serve, pointing at his tweets as evidence. During Trump’s presidential campaign, Lee flouted industry norms against publicly diagnosing a patient without his consent or an in-person examination. She justifiedRead More

Violent Crime: 88 Percent Of Chicago Murderers Got Away With It In 2017

  88 Percent Of Chicago Murderers Got Away With It In 2017 Anders Hagstrom Justice Reporter Chicago Police have only charged a suspect in 12 percent of homicide cases in 2017, meaning city residents had an 88 percent chance of getting away with murder last year. Chicago suffered 604 fatal shootings in 2017, 570 that have yet to be solved, according to, a website that has documented accurate violent crime statistics regarding the city of Chicago since 2013. These numbers comes as Chicago police are touting a decreased rateRead More

FBI Takes Aim At Hillary And The Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play Allegations

  FBI Takes Aim At The Clinton Foundation Robert Donachie Capitol Hill and Health Care Reporter The Justice Department is investigating the Clinton Foundation to see whether or not it participated in any pay-to-play or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, The Hill reported Thursday. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents in Little Rock, Ark., are taking the lead in the investigation, having already interviewed at least one witness in the past month. The agents are trying to determine whether the Clintons exchanged political favors forRead More