Wednesday, December 27th, 2017


NFL Decides To Cancel Final ‘Sunday Night Football’ Game Of Season

  NFL Cancels Final ‘Sunday Night Football’ Game Of Season Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter The NFL announced Tuesday that the final “Sunday Night Football” game of the season has been canceled, according to CNN. The league had yet to announce who would play during the primetime game next Sunday, but with the chance that none of the matchups would have playoff implications for one or both of the teams, they opted not to schedule the game. The other problem the league faced was broadcasting a game on New Year’s Eve,Read More

FBI Rejects Calls To Investigate Case Of Cop Murdered In The Line Of Duty

  FBI Rejects Calls To Investigate Case Of Cop Murdered On Eve Of Court Testimony Anders Hagstrom Justice Reporter The FBI has rejected Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis’s request for the agency to take over the investigation into the November murder of detective Sean Suiter, Davis announced Wednesday. The FBI’s decision comes nearly three weeks after Davis initially made the request, thinking that the FBI would be better equipped to solve the case. Suiter was killed just one day before he was set to testify against fellow officers in aRead More

CNN Reporter Caught Spreading Fake News About The Trump-Russia Dossier [VIDEO]

  CNN Reporter Falsely Claims Republicans Funded Trump-Russia Dossier [VIDEO] Peter Hasson Associate Editor CNN justice correspondent Evan Perez falsely told his network’s viewers on Tuesday that anti-Trump Republicans first funded the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, much of which remains unverified. Perez was responding to a tweet from President Donald Trump, who called the dossier a “pile of garbage.” Perez has close ties to the cofounders of Fusion GPS, the firm behind the dossier, which CNN failed to disclose. (RELATED: CNN’s Undisclosed Ties To Fusion GPS) “Look, the fact is thatRead More