Monday, December 11th, 2017


Teacher Fired For Calling Transgender Student By Biological Gender Sues School

  Teacher Who Was Fired For ‘Misgendering’ A Student Slaps School With Lawsuit Grace Carr Reporter A teacher who was fired for calling a transgender student by her biological gender hit back at the school with a lawsuit. After math teacher Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, allegedly said “well done girls” to two students at an Oxfordshire secondary school in England, the school suspended him and called for a disciplinary hearing. He apologized to the student, but he was charged with misconduct for “misgendering,” according to the Evening Standard. Not long after,Read More

Another CNN ‘Bombshell’ Collapses, Forced To Correct Sessions-Russia Collusion Narrative

  CNN Walks Back Jeff Sessions-Russia Bombshell Amber Athey Media Reporter CNN has quietly walked back more of their “bombshell” reporting on the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, and this time it’s a story relating to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ security clearance forms. In May, CNN reported that Sessions had failed to disclose meetings he had with the Russian ambassador when he was a senator. Justice Department officials told CNN that Sessions had not listed those meetings on a security clearance form, even though the form says to list “any contact” withRead More

BRATTON: New York Attack ‘ISIS Inspired,’ Suspect ‘Possibly’ Bangladeshi Immigrant

  BRATTON: NYC Attack ‘ISIS Inspired,’ Suspect ‘Possibly’ Bangladeshi Immigrant Saagar Enjeti Reporter An explosion targeting the Port Authority Bus Station in downtown Manhattan Monday was allegedly carried out by an Islamic State-inspired Bangladeshi immigrant, former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told MSNBC. “Preliminary information indicates the attack was committed in the name of ISIS,” Bratton said Monday, adding that the suspect is “possibly” a Bangladeshi man has been in the U.S. for approximately seven years. Brattong continued that the suspect was injured badly enough that he could not be interviewed.Read More