Tuesday, May 9th, 2017


The Trump Video CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC Refused to Air

  First 100 Days: The Truth Mainstream Media Refuses To Tell The mainstream media lies. Don’t let fake news dominate the truth. President Trump promised to Make America Great Again and he is fulfilling his promise to you.In his first 100 days, he has made a prosperous, safer, stronger America.       The Truth The Mainstream Media Is Hiding Unleashing the Power of American Energy Restoring Balance to the Supreme Court Securing Our Border Strengthening Our Military Proposing Tax Reform for Economic Growth and Jobs Working to End RecklessRead More

Leftist Anti-Trump Protesters Sign Pledge Demanding Reparations, Open Borders, Defunding Of Military

70K Anti-Trump Activists Sign ‘Liberation’ Pledge Demanding Reparations, Open Borders, Defunding Of Military Peter Hasson More than 70,000 activists aligned with the Women’s March organization have signed a radical pledge demanding reparations for African-Americans, open border immigration policies and the defunding of the U.S. military. The “Pledge of Liberation” also calls for a $15 federal minimum wage, an end to “gender norms, expectations, stereotypes” and abortion on demand, among other far-left positions. Women’s March, which recently joined forces with left-wing activist group Indivisible, is partnering up with the ACLU, UnitedRead More